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Visions of Wellness

A unique Nurse Practitioner owned health practice focusing on integrative medicine, nutrition and energy work to help restore the body’s innate healing process and to  promote optimal health



Pamela Nitsche Poad has over 25years of experience as a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Additionally she is a Consulting Hypnotist, Reiki III Practitioner, CranioSacralTherapy Practitioner, HeartMath Practitioner, and Certified Holistic Beat Cancer Educator. Her experience spans Oncology, Cardiac, Medical and Surgical Intensive Care, Family Practice, Integrative Medicine, Botanical medicine, and Eye Health. She earned her BSN from University of Delaware and MSN from Wilmington University, earning Cum De Laude honors.


Pam's passion to help others get healthier began as a personal journey having the first HypnoBirthing baby at The Birth Center. The calm, and relaxed birthing experience, empowered Pam to use guided imagery and self-hypnosis for a dental procedure without anesthetics. It too was a comfortable, pain-free experience. Throughout her career, Pam saw many people suffer needlessly because of poor lifestyle choices. She believes that most chronic disease and mental illness can be positively influenced and in many cases prevented or reversed with diet, lifestyle, behavior changes and stress modification.


As President and Founder of Visions of Wellness, LLC,  Pam looks at health in a totally different way. She uses an integrative medicine approach to healing. Pam provides a clear roadmap for healing based on a person's own unique genotype. Her passion is to inspire infants thru elders, pregnant and postpartum moms, and athletes to achieve optimal physical and psychological health, improved brain health, elegant aging and peak performance.


  • Integrative Health consultation

  • Individualized, customized, genetic lifestyle plan for optimal health

  • Medication and Supplement review and consultation

  • Botanical Medicine and Whole Food Nutrition

  • Weight Loss & Weight Management

  • Cardiovascular, Cancer and Diabetes preventive care

  • Pre-pregnancy, Prenatal and Postpartum optimal nutrition

  • Professional and Elite Athlete Optimal Health plan

  • Hypnosis & Guided Imagery

  • HypnoBirthing

  • Smoking cessation

  • Sports physicals

  • Pre-Surgical clearance

  • Stress Modification 

  • EFT 

  • Heart Math

  • Reiki

  • CranioSacralFascial Therapy

  • Primary Care Services


And Much More....

APO E Genotyping

Some genes determine hair color, some your nose size.  The APO E gene pronounced by saying each letter, (A-P-O-E) determines how your body metabolizes certain foods and cholesterol.  Research shows diseases including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, autism, and MS are directly related to our A P O E genotype! Research also shows how our diet, and exercise impact this gene. 

In other words, your propensity to illness AND to health, is written in your genes.  Your lifestyle choices, impact how much or how little, this genetic coding actually impacts your health. 

Your A P O E genotype determines the healthiest lifestyles choices for you!! 

That’s where the APO E Gene on-line program comes in.


A simple lab test is all that's needed to get started. 


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Visions of Wellness, LLC

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